Monday, July 13, 2009

Sue Hammond West

Wisdom Nerve
paint, wool, silk, thread, objects on felt 72" x 72" 2006-2007

In 2007, I took a four day workshop with Sue Hammond West at the Surface Design Association conference in Kansas City. The class was called "Art as Quiet" and I loved it. Each session began with meditation. We painted with acrylic on scraps of upholstry material and stitched into them afterwards. We did not make small talk while creating and this encouraged each of us to work with inner passion.
Abundance Magnent
paint, silk yarn stitching, gold leaf on industrial felt , 72" x 72" 2006

Sue Hammond West also had an exhibition in Kansas City at that time and I was very impressed with seeing her work. It is very large and simple with barely tangible circles and organic shapes surrounded by large quanities of space. I found myself emotionally gripped by her work. numina
paint, paper, mica, stitching on cloth 49" x 50" 1999 - 2004

She currently teaches at Naropa, the Bhuddist University in Boulder, Colorado. Tacit Longing
paint, paper, rocks, flower petals on industrial upholstry cloth 59" x 60" 2003-2004

These images of her work are from her 2007 self published catalog of mixed media textile paintings as well as from an article about her work by Ginger Knowlton that I read in the spring 2007 Surface Design Journal.

Nectarian Moonlight
paint and stitch on industrial upholstery, 79" x 38.5", 2006

Sue Hammond West's website is currently under construction.


  1. I was at this work shop as well. Loved her intense simple approach. SH are her initials!
    Great blog

  2. I was there too and by surprise Fins myself yesterday remembering all THE intense moments i had at that workshop and my admiration for THE work of Sue Hammond West. she really touches me and pushes me forward. Gla d to see your beautiful work too
    Hannie van Weel - THE Netherlands

  3. I have never been to these kinds of the workshop, I hope I just got a time a enjoy these workshops. I really appreciate your work.