Thursday, May 28, 2009

modernist aesthetic

Memory of Wikwemikong detail 2008

I have started this new blog to give myself a place to keep images of art made by others that I am moved by. The more I look at art, the more I realise that I appreciate the beautiful simplicity of the modernist aesthetic.

I have made a list of over 150 artists and plan to post about each of them in the future, one at a time. While some of these artists already have huge web presences, many do not. This blog will gather them together for me - it's as if I am a collector or a curator. I hope that others will enjoy this collection as well.

From now on, the work on this blog is the work of artists I admire and not my own work. Although the image above is my own work, future posts will profile other artists who work with a similar aesthetic.

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  1. I've only done a quick breeze through the entries here so far (June 1, 2012) and I am in love. Some are artists I have already admired from afar but most are new to me and so many of them speak to me as they do to you. It is a wonderful thing to be able to see the magnificent work that is being done, all over the world. How interesting that these deeply meaningful and complex works of art, made from fibers of one sort or another, using stitches of one sort or another, are being created almost exclusively by women. I often show the work of artists I admire on my blog but I am really liking your approach of making it a totally separate (yet attached) blog. I may do that myself, thanks to you. I did have them at one time as a "page" but I like this much better.