Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Shihoko Fukumoto

I hold simplicity as a firm principle in my work.  

To express an idea in a minimum of terms means a serious commitment to removing all extraneous elements:  paring away and discarding all that is not essential in pursuit of clarity.  

Saying much in just a few words has been a strong expressive tendency in Japanese culture.

My aim is to achieve an expressiveness that is profound within the constraints of the clarity and simplicity of the single indigo colour.

I believe that it is depth that is of the greatest importance in a true work.

Depth means a penetration into the deep and fundamental nature of things.

Depth is not just a matter of rational concept or idea, nor is it something one can always achieve through sheer commitment and devotion.

The Japanese word OKU indicates an inner realm; maybe emphasis placed on inner depths - oku - is unique to japan; however, I believe it is a universal value.

The difficulty of expressing oku and any success in expression must surely be an intrinsic part of the artist's talent and temperament.  

I find it extremely difficult to realize, and have no clear idea of how to go about it.

I do not know to what extent I achieve it.  Shihoko Fukumoto

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